Insights from Physical Book Sales

We often talk about books as your best marketing tool and that physical sales aren’t something to focus on, but as marketers, there are insights we can take from real world sales and use to our advantage. How people respond to a book is one of the main reasons to deliver your message in this way and large book companies spend tens of thousands of dollars researching just this topic. Not all of their researches is relevant to us, but every so often there’s an insight that’s helpful to understand as we craft ways of getting our message in front of the right […]Read more...

Amazing ‘Do Anything With’ Images

Hat-tip to John Jantsch from the Duct Tape Marketing blog for a great find this weekend.Unsplash is a free to use, no attribution, do what you will, resource for some of the best hi-res images I’ve seen. The site has a huge range of subjects and pictures from all over the world.Perhaps the best news for business owners is that all their images are made available under the Creative Commons Zero licence meaning they can also be used for commercial purposes.It’s interesting to watch the spread of disruption across different industries. Waze disrupted TomTom, Uber’s disrupting cab companies, Netflix & Amazon Prime […]Read more...

Breakthrough Book Titles

Dean is in Sydney at the moment finishing up the latest Breakthrough Blueprint event. The conversation turned to book titles.The most important thing about having a book is that you have a title where upon reading it, the person you want to be in conversation with says ‘I want that book’Dean Jackson reporting live. Day two of the Breakthrough Blueprint here in Manly Australia.I have a question. One of the things that comes up when we talk about the ‘before unit’ is using books as a lead generator in Profit Activator 2. I’ve never seen anything that gets as high […]Read more...

Thank You Survey

A recent survey by TD Bank looked at people’s attitudes to gratitude and saying ‘thank you.The results confirm what you may already suspect, with female respondents preferring personal contact and older groups responding less to social media, but there a few answers true across all groups.77% of the people surveyed were grateful (with the remainder neutral) when thanked by a brand or company, much more so when the contact is personalized and directed to them individually rather than part of a group.  Regardless of the communication channel, a note, tweet or podcast mention, a personal call out shows that someone […]Read more...

New Customer Engagement Blog

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of writing and publishing a book but unless you’re an author and your book is your product, then the ‘job of work’ of your book, the outcome you are looking for is really engagement.Introducing the new 90-Miunte Books blog.Our aim is to bring you the best from around the web and our own thoughts on engagement and lead generation through lens of writing valuable content that starts a conversation.This won’t all be about your book, though we won’t stray too far from the theme and over time we’ll add content from […]Read more...

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